Well Hello There!

My name is Abi Grace and welcome to my blog! If you are busy and broke yet have the incurable urge to travel, you come to the right place! I am a 20-year-old college student majoring in Marketing and International Management, part time ass-kicker (college wrestler), and travel enthusiast. Before I ever had the opportunity to step out of the borders of California, I had always had a strong desire to experience lives of different cultures and to explore the endless corners of the earth! My first major exploration was at an early age when I went to Fiji for the first time, I was enticed by the loving hearts of the individuals and of how different they lived from us. Little did I know at the time that this exploration would ignite a fire in me to learn more that can’t be put out!

As I began to search to fulfill these need to travel I found I needed my trips to be cheap but lavish, crazy but safe and organized but spontaneous! I didn’t know where to start and a lot of the pages on the web did not provide enough info for me to be ready to step out of my dorm room and into a different country! So then I created this blog. In my office space I like to call Sol Chaser I hope to inspire you to chase your souls and the “sol” by learning about all the amazing ways to explore this world and finding easy tips to do it! Come explore with me!

    From my sol to yours,


   Abi Grace