10 Reasons to Study Abroad

10 Reasons to Study Abroad


1. Gain lifelong friendships-
Traveling alone to a new country encourages you to get out of your comfort zone to meet new people and make new friends! Being alone in a new school and new environment makes it practically impossible to not talk to new faces and bond over new experiences together! You are going alone, but so is everyone else! Being alone together while in a new country can really make two people connect.

I have met some of my best friends studying abroad!

2. Emerge into a new culture-
Traveling for a week or two to Europe may be an experience of a lifetime but there is no way to truly experience a culture other than living in it! With study abroad you will meet families and learn about the true culture, find cute cafes or local hot spots, adjust to new social norms/traditions and discover the best places to shop away from tourists. By living and studying in an area, it becomes a second home. This way, you are able to see and explore a city far beyond its tourist stops.

3. Personal Development-
There is no better way to grow than being thrown alone into a foreign country! At the beginning something as simple as dinner can be difficult; learning the new streets, understanding the menu, dinner table manners, language barriers, or money exchange to pay for meal can all be a challenge! By studying abroad you will learn how to manage money, be independent, and delve into true adulting!

4. Practice your language skills-
This one is a given. You will be forced to use Google Translate more than you would like in the beginning. Chances are you will have some mess ups with language but you live it and you learn it!

5. Experience of a Lifetime-
Being young and able to discover small French café’s, Spanish alleyways, or a new Australian beach is something our busy lives may not always allow. Take advantage now to adventure, run, love and explore the small corners of the world! Memories studying abroad will stay with you forever and I’m sure be some of your favorites.

6. Grow career opportunities-
Not only does study abroad look amazing on a resume, but you may also meet people while you are abroad who have connections or opportunities for you. Studying abroad is a huge networking opportunity.

7. See your own culture through a different lens-
It is always very interesting to see how other cultures see your country or state; and they are often not afraid to tell you how it is! Some questions I received were often shocking or unexpected but also very eye opening.

8. You will appreciate home and family more-
By being away from my mom to make a family dinner, my own comfy bed after a long day, or my puppy to cuddle it does make you miss your home and family. It will help you to appreciate the little things we often take for granted.

9. Education-
Studying abroad is of course to study. It is a great way to get ahead on classes. You will see new teaching styles and learn in different ways. Many companies offer winter or summer study abroad programs that can help you squeeze extra classes into your summer or winter break. It’s a vacation and a jump ahead on classes!

10. See the world-
When studying at a specific school you are not limited to that one city by any means. There are often long weekends and breaks to explore surrounding areas that you have always dreamed of! It is the perfect time to visit famous museums, explore new terrain, and walk unknown streets.

*** I traveled through CEA for my first study abroad trip and through GAV for my second. Both have been absolutely amazing! CEA was so helpful they even took me to the doctor and took care of me the entire 8 hour ordeal! They will walk you through the process step by step and make sure you are ready to have the best study experience! ***



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